Gem For Each Day; Eastern Wisdom By Nissim Amon


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I can’t say I read a lot about spirituality and mindfulness. Frankly saying, the last book I read that can somehow be linked to the definition of “books about inner peace” was The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I can’t even say I was looking for a book about spirituality, I just unintentionally came across this piece at a local bookstore. As I flipped through its pages, I thought it would be great to enrich myself with something new and different. So I decided it would be a good investment. Indeed, it was.

The book is filled with 123 chapters about inner growth, ancient wisdom and philosophy. Most of the chapters are linked to Hinduism, Buddhism and Tao.

What I liked about this book is that first of all, most of the ideas and teaching are presented and conveyed in a form of beautiful stories, that are very easy to read and are very engaging. Each chapter is written very carefully and leaves the reader with much food for thought.

The full name of the book is Eastern Wisdom – The Treasure Box. The way I link the name of the book to the piece itself is that every chapter hides a priceless gem for the reader, as it opens the eyes and mind for so many things. I find that the book does not have be read all at once; In fact, it is much better and efficient to read a chapter per day. It would not take you more than 7- 10 minuteswisdom-en to fill yourself with good.

This book is a wonderful gift for your loved ones and very much recommended for the younger audience.

The author gives you 5 free chapters to read from the the book. Click here to enjoy.

Picture is taken from Nissim Amon’s official website.